Why choose us?


Focus on BusinessWe are the only company that focuses on bringing mobile apps into the enterprise. Yes, you will learn how to get your app ideas onto the App Store and Google Play.  More importantly, you will learn how to leverage enterprise services with corporate mobile assets.  For our government contractors, we understand the emerging regulations and are plugged into DISA’s plans to utilize mobile devices in an increasingly technical workplace.


Real World ExperienceAll of our instructors have extensive experience in both training AND development.  The ideas conveyed in the classroom are not centered in academia.  They are borne out of knowing what really works and what doesn’t–AND WHY!  We can teach enterprise app development because we continue to contract with both civilian and government agencies to create best-of-breed mobile apps.


Specializing in Mobile Development TrainingUnlike most training companies, we only offer courses in mobile app development.  We don’t have a catalog of dozens or hundreds of unrelated courses.  This is what we do.  This is all we do.  We are passionate about mobile app training and can have you creating mobile apps in record time.

What will you learn?

Native iOS and Android

iOS TrainingAndroid Training

The native iOS and Android courses begin with a language overview of Objective-C and Java, respectively. Developers experienced with modern languages can focus on elements foreign to those environments, i.e. pointers, memory management, etc. Next up are the native IDEs (XCode and Eclipse) featuring project life-cycles, views, Geo-location, accelerometer, compass components and even advanced topics like iOS 5 ARC and storyboards. The courses conclude with an in-depth look at consuming RESTful web services via XML and JSON and how to most expediently move from a set of requirements to a functional application.

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Platform Independent

PhoneGap TrainingThe PhoneGap course focuses first on understanding the underlying PhoneGap architecture and how it differs from similar yet distinct technologies like JQuery Mobile.  This is followed by configuring development environments for iOS and Android with a discussion on how to set up environments for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian.  The focus on the course, however, is on the PhoneGap APIs and how they can be used to access the common functionality found in nearly all modern mobile devices–camera/video, accelerometer, compass, media and file libraries.

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